International Tour Schedule 2024

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  02. - 10.02.2024 "Florida & Everglades Miami"  (Chapter AGS)
In the deepest Central European winter we head to the Sunshine State of the USA. Sun, flamingos, dolphins and alligators are guaranteed, the Southernmost Point 90 miles from Cuba will be worth a stop, Seven Mile Bridge, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and of course Miami Beach, Naples etc

  02. - 10.02.2024 "Rotary Goodwill Ride - 5, South India"  (Chapter India)
Register until 10th January


  16.02. - 03.03.2024 "Winter Meeting 2024, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia"  (Chapter AGS)
We invite you to the 2024 winter meeting in Cologne. After the carnival in Cologne is over at the end of January in 2024, we have the opportunity to experience this beautiful city in a "normal" environment.


  18. - 21.04.2024 "Curves between wine and whiskey"  (Chapter AGS)
As a centrally located and therefore easily accessible area, the Hunsrück offers lots of beautiful roads and curves of all kinds for our inaugural tour in 2024. Not only curve fans, but also whiskey fans will get their money's worth...

  27.04.2024 "Tour de Fyn"  (Chapter Northern Europe)
Riding a motorbike on the island of Funen


  02. - 05.05.2024 "Berry, Chateauroux"  (Chapter France)
200 km south of Paris

  09. - 12.05.2024 "Spring meeting"  (Chapter Northern Europe)
We look forward to seeing you for three exciting days in North Jutland where the sky is high and the sky is blue.We will see the North Sea, sand dunes, beach and fjord, beautiful road, Rebild Bakker, the REGAN Vest bunker facility, which is hidden 60 meters under a chalk hill and was built in secret in the 1960s. Registration before 15th January 2024

  09. - 12.05.2024 "Curve fun between Solling, Ith and Deister"  (Chapter AGS)
We will welcome you on Thursday at the "Base Camp", a hotel directly on the Weser that has been reserved exclusively for us. The Weserbergland will leave nothing to be desired for "curve robbers" and on Friday and Saturday we will experience this together with wonderful tours.

  17. - 20.05.2024 "Sheep, curves and sea"  (Chapter AGS)
We'll definitely see a lot of sheep, although sharp curves are rare here, but I still think we've found a few. The North and Baltic Seas are of course also included. When I was planning the evening, I had a big, satisfied smile on my face. I hope it will be the same for you!

  23. - 26.05.2024 "International Ride Magical Podlasie"  (Chapter Poland)
We will drive through forests, national parks, wildlife habitats, river valleys, all thewhile experiencing the varied and picturesque scenery of Podlachia. Lastly, we will enjoy the regional cuisine, which is as rich and diverse as the blend of cultures which shaped this beautiful region of Poland: Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Tatars and Jews. International-Ride.Podlasie-2024-1.pdf

  25.05.2024 "West Zealand"  (Chapter Northern Europe)

  30.05. - 02.06.2024 "Ticino - Around Lake Maggiore"  (Chapter AGS)
In spring 2024 we treat ourselves to a few sunny and curvy days in the southernmost Swiss canton. The journey already takes us over varied Alpine passes into Ticino and then we go all the way around Lake Maggiore, the side valleys of its tributaries, to Ascona, over the Alpe Neggia, into Centovalli and and and..


  08. - 09.06.2024 "Southern Finland"  (Chapter Northern Europe)

  08. - 15.06.2024 "Cevennes: Enjoying the wild mountains"  (Chapter AGS)
The rough mountain landscape of the southern Massif Central around Mont Lozere and Mont Aigoual are crossed by seven large river arteries. Allier, Lot, Tarn, Gardon, Herault, Ceze and Ardeche have in the plateaus of the Causses dug deep gorges. There is everything here for us motorcyclists but boredom.

  20. - 23.06.2024 "Gers and Lot and Garonne"  (Chapter France)
South West France

  21. - 23.06.2024 "Oldietour IV"  (Chapter AGS)
The fourth edition of the oldie tour will take us to the border area between in 2024 Germany and France, in the northern Vosges and the southern Palatinate Forest. From the small town of Lembach, where our tour hotel "Au Heimbach" is located, there is a smaller tour towards Trifels on Friday. On Saturday we will drive through the Northern Vosges to Saverne to explore these wonderful forests on winding roads with a short detour via Bitche.

  22.06.2024 "Southern Zealand"  (Chapter Northern Europe)

  26. - 30.06.2024 "On the trail of the monarchy"  (Chapter AGS)
Around the Salzkammergut Mondsee, Austria (AGS) From Mondsee we take 3 day tours (approx. 270 km) to the most beautiful areas around Mondsee (Postalm, Rossfeld and Loser panoramic roads, Bad Ischl, Hallstadt, Bad Aussee, Salzburg, Berchtesgaden etc.)


  05. - 07.07.2024 "Brandenburg"  (Chapter AGS)
Even 10 years after our first tour (organized by Jörn Rüsch and me) there are still interesting places to visit in Brandenburg. Next to the old and new ship lift in Niederfinow, the nature park center and agricultural museum Barnim Panorama in Wandlitz, the oldest one still in operation Large radio station in Nauen and the sea buckthorn garden in Petzow, the tour covers a wide range from technology to culinary specialties.

  18. - 21.07.2024 "Saxon Curve Culture"  (Chapter AGS)
Chemnitz will be the European Capital of Culture in 2025, which is why we are going there a year in advance and will hear about why this region was chosen. We also head to the Horch Museum in Zwickau and the watch museum/watch manufacturer A.Lange and Söhne in Glashütte. In between we discover more manufactories and manufacturer's villas and curve through the Erzgebirge.

  26. - 28.07.2024 "Summer meeting in the Bishopric of Paderborn"  (Chapter AGS)
We meet in the Paderborn Monastery for the first summer meeting of IFMR. In addition to the motorcycle program with a short ride on Friday and a day tour on Saturday, there is an additional offer for all friends who don't want to ride a bike but still enjoy the friendship. We look forward to numerous registrations.


  02. - 04.08.2024 "Teutoburg Forest"  (Chapter AGS)
We'll show you the longest mountain range in Germany from Lower Saxony to North Rhine-Westphalia until we don't leave, but come home with great impressions.

  03. or 10.08.2024 "Tour in Jutland"  (Chapter Northern Europe)

  16. - 18.08.2024 "Tour in the Saale-Unstrut area"  (Chapter AGS)
A tour through the Thuringian Basin and the Saale-Unstrut Nature Park is like a journey through time through past eras: from early history through the Middle Ages to the present. A dense network of original main and Secondary routes lead through varied areas of land and rarely exceed the 300 meter mark at altitudes. The gently undulating area is definitely one of the higher places on the driving pleasure scale.

  15. - 18.08.2024 "Autumn Meeting Eskilstuna close to Stockholm"  (Chapter Northern Europe)

  17. - 28.08.2024 "Northern England & Isle of Man Northern England"  (Chapter United Kingdom/AGS)
It's going to the north of England. In addition to the breathtaking natural parks such as the North Yorkshire Moors, North Pennines, Lake District, the many castles and palaces, as well as fantastic gardens, it also has the small island "Isle of Man", which is the scene of one of the last open motorcycle road races every year of the world is. Unfortunately this tour is fully booked.

  22. - 25.08.2024 "Black Forest - a curve paradise Black Forest"  (Chapter AGS)
The Black Forest offers everything a motorcyclist's heart desires: good roads of all widths with mostly little traffic, lots of curves, wonderful views of the forest, fields and picturesque waters, good food and tasty beer. We want to explore and enjoy all of this from Feldberg.


  06. - 08.09.2024 "All inclusive weekend"  (Chapter Northern Europe))

  12. - 15.09.2024 "High Mountains - Hautes Alpes"  (Chapter France))

  12. - 15.09.2024 "Pure curves in and around Allgäu"  (Chapter AGS))
The "Kaufmann" in Rosshaupten am Forggensee is planned as a hotel; Nice hotel, good food in a wonderful location - definitely something for people who don't ride motorbikes! There are plenty of curves on two day tours: one towards Lake Constance and the Bregenz Forest and one towards Ammersee and then the Austrian border area.

  20. - 22.09.2024 "AGS/NL Friendship Tour 3.0"  (Chapter AGS))
The sports & conference hotel De Poort in Goch will be our base on the IFMR AGS/NL Friendship Tour 3.0 in 2024. Participants can once again look forward to driving fun that pushes boundaries!