International Tour Schedule 2016

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  05. - 08.02.2016 February 5 - 8 "Mallorca XIV"     (Chapter AGS)
Following a good tradition, chapter AGS starts its prgramme on this lovely Spanish island for the 15th time. Far away from snow and coldness the participants will enjoy mediterranean flair on a bike, and of course leisure time.

  19. - 21.02.2016 "Wintermeeting"     (Chapter AGS)
The start 2016 takes place in Saarbrücken, capital of the federal state Saarland without bikes. The direct border to France influences the spirit of this university place, our organisers will guarantee a wonderful meeting.


  21. - 24.04.2016 "The river Creuse"     (Chapter France)
A visit to the center of France around and along the river Creuse that has its source in the Massif Central. Great biking.

  21. - 24.04.2016 "Swabian Mountains"     (Chapter AGS)
An outstanding first tour in a beautiful landscape with hills and valleys, geographic and cultural highlights, castle Hohenzollern, ancestral seat of the Prussian royal dynasty and House of Hohenzollern. The tour is fully booked


  05. - 08.05.2016 "Bavarian Forest"     (Chapter AGS)
A weekend at Ascension Day in the Bavarian Uplands, a low mountain range close to the German-Czech border, perfect for biking in a wonderful countryside including a flying visit to Austria. Not only the drivers will have fun, also the tires...

  12. - 15.05.2016 "IFMR MidAtlantic Rally"     (Chapter NA)
Mark your calendar for a multiday ride on scenic Appalachian backroads in VA, WV, and PA, plus great IFMR fellowship, location pending.

  19. - 22.05.2016 "Drôme Provençale"     (Chapter France)
A ride through one of the most beautiful landscapes in France, full of history. Already the great Chartaginian field commander Hannibal passed this former Roman province with his army and 37 war elephants on his way to Rome.

  20. - 22.05.2016 "Culture in Eastern Westphalia in the middle of Germany"     (Chapter AGS)
In one of the mainlands of Germany, low mountains, forests, historical castles and still existing regional dynasties, and the Romans were not here.
Relaxed biking in a mountainous and well-forested region.


  03. - 05.06.2016 "Northern Michigan Ride, Muskegon, MI"     (Chapter NA)
Come Thursday evening for BBQ at the Windrim's lakeside home, followed by a weekend of great riding north along the scenic shores of Lake Michigan thru Traverse City to Mackinaw City, then over Mackinaw Bridge to Whitefish Point Shipwreck Museum and Tahquamenon Falls on the Upper Peninsula. Lodging details pending.

  04. - 12.06.2016 "International Tour 2016"     (Chapter AGS)
Chapter AGS continues the good tradition of international tours in our fellowship, we will again experience a one week overall chapter friendship. And of course a perfect biking in the best places for our passion. The alps in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, rivers, lakes and history.

  24. - 26.06.2016 "The lakescape in the Ruppin area"     (Chapter AGS)
Meeting place is an old mill almost in the middle of nowhere, bad access to all mobile phone providers, pure nature and quietness in the heart of Brandenburg, wonderful for biking. Stays at historical places will enjoy us just as well as visits to a very famous stud farm and a buffalo ranch (tasting steaks!!). A location from the darkest side of German history, a former Soviet military training and shooting area and the guest house of the government will be on the agenda.


  15. - 17.07.2016 "Harz and Harz foreland"     (Chapter AGS)
The Harz is fabulous. Dark forests, spectacular rock formations, good visibility from the top and bends, bends, bend... And historical villages and locations strung like pearls on a string...

  30.07. - 07.08.2016 "Back to the Middle Ages to a construction of castle Friesach"     (Chapter AGS)
Anton will lead us to a nearly unknown area in Austria: Let's see!


  19. - 21.08.2016 "Peat and See"     (Chapter AGS)
Biking through a varied landscape without hills but with visits at remarkable points like a dam and reservoir, sightseeing of one of the world`s biggest shipyards for cruise liners and of course the history of peatcutting and its manufacturing.

  30.08. - 02.09.2016 "Tour for retired persons"     (Chapter AGS)
We meet at the western extremity of Germany, east of Cologne, riding through the national park Maas- Schwalm-Nette. In The Netherlands and Germany we will visit spectacular locations (Siemens, brown coal mining etc)

  30.08. - 10.09.2016 "The historic heart of the USA - New England"     (Chapter AGS)
On a Harley through the birth-places of the United States: Who knows this area also knows what he will miss… The tour is fully booked.


  02. - 04.09.2016 "Illumination of Heidelberg castle"     (Chapter AGS)
Mountainious uplands of Odenwald and Kraichgau with bends, up and down, and...
Grande Finale: We are picked up by boat directly from the hotel, having dinner and see the illumination of the castle from a ship, firework included.

  15. - 18.09.2016 "We only ride in a circle"     (Chapter AGS)
On nearly unknown small and smallest ways we explore the north east corner of Switzerland.
The challenge is not to leave the Appenzell region, and this will happen.
The rewards in the evenings are excellent dinners at best Swiss restaurants.

  23. - 25.09.2016 "Hidden places 2.0 in Brandenburg: High up and deep down"     (Chapter AGS)
The final tour in 2016 will lead us again to a wide countryside, lonely villages and small towns, not far away from Berlin. Of course the organisers presents us again some real hidden places.


  24. - 28.11.2016 "Madeira"     (Chapter AGS)
Where is one of the best places to flee from joyless time without biking? Madeira, this beautiful island with its everlasting spring riding in an area not bigger than Hamburg. We will enjoy mild climate, terrific nature and find kind people and specialties on this island 4 fligt hours away from Germany. On our rented BMW`s we expect fascinating tours from sea level up to 1800 meters and downhill gradients to 30 %.