International Tour Schedule 2017

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  13. - 18.01.2017 "TRF Centennial Ride for Rotary"     (Chapter India)
TRF Ride for Rotary is being run by Rotary D3181 in India in January. Please use the link to get the information from the website.
Registrations for this ride have already been received from Rotarians in Australia, NZ, Sweden, England and other countries.


  25.02. - 06.03.2017 "Cambodia"     (Chapter Australia)
I'm not a travel agent selling a tour. I do have a small (semi-retirement) business in Margaret River (West Australia)doing tours of my local area. Nothing to do with Cambodia. I just think it's a place worth seeing in the company of like-minded IFMR members.
This is more a 'group ride' than a commercial tour... but we will have a local (Rotarian) guide and we will be paying equally ( included).
Proposed format is... 10 Days, 5 - 10 people.
Meet in Phnom Penh on Saturday 25th February and tour ends in Phnom Penh on 6th March (10 days). You have the option of staying on, or coming home via a different port etc.
It won't be a 'tour of Cambodia by motorbike' (for which you would need a month and a guardian angel). The format will be to see and experience Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and maybe some others and to have a good look at rural (i.e real) Cambodia out of Pursat where the local Rotary club and various international Rotary supported NGOs operate. We'll travel between centres by bus to avoid long boring (and dangerous) transits so that we can better spend our time at the locations that matter.
At Pursat we will visit 'Building Bridges for Children' (BBC), a wonderful non government organization (NGO) supporting education initiatives in the rural and impoverished areas.
We'll also get out into the regions by bike (Honda Dream... the little Asian wonder machines that are all over SE Asia) to see some of their projects and to explore away from the traffic.
Just in case you've heard tales of woe about well intentioned 'do gooders' causing more harm than good in 3rd World countries... that was the reason I went to Cambodia in August. I am the original cynic. BBC is authentic and responds to a real need.
You'll make your own flight bookings.
Our guide is a local school teacher who volunteers with BBC and has worked as a guide before.
Once we get commitment from up to 10 people we will close all other entry and get on with the bookings for accommodation, program etc.
I estimate that the trip will cost approx $1500 (air fare not included) per person. The air fares are up to you. *we won't commit to anything if the price looks like going over $1500 (excluding air fares).

So hopefully that gives you a feel for the proposal.
You might have a few questions. If they are detail (which hotel etc) please hang on for a while. The first thing I need is numbers. So...if you are interested please send me an email telling me. Expressions of interest close at the end of November...and it is first come first served...with a maximium of 10 starters.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Bill Ivory
Rotary 'e' Club of Western Australia
IFMR member

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  15.06.2017 "Post Convention Ride 2017"     (Chapter North America)



  01. - 14.11.2017 "Australian International Ride 2017"     (Chapter Australia)

I am advised by the Coordinator of the 2017 International Ride Australia, Claus Weber, that there has been a very good response from International members to participate in this year's ride.
There is only 4 months until the ride commences and the planning is well in hand:

- the route is well considered and will be interesting,
- accommodation is of good standard
- timing for fuel stops and meals allow adequate time
- support vehicle and riders with local knowledge have been assigned

Applications must close September 30th, so if you haven't already registered, you should act quickly. See the Australia Chapter website for more details on the ride or for applying.

The 14 day ride will be from Sydney to Adelaide through Central Australia and back to Sydney via Melbourne and along the East Coast. The ride starts and ends on a Wednesday to allow flights to and from your countries of origin. This allows 1 or 2 days in Sydney at the beginning of and at the end of the trip to recover from jetlag and collect/return the motorcycles. The recommended minimum time in Australia will be 20 days.